Don’t Miss INCA’s Conservation Congress

When: Friday September 30th

Registration Ends September 20th
(You must be registered to attend)

Where: Abe Martin Lodge, Brown County State Park

Why: Indiana’s Future Depends on It.

Many of us have recognized the decrease in the recognition of the importance of Indiana’s natural resources over the years. You have to look no further than the steady decline in state funding for conservation over time.

We are at a “tipping point”. Millennials more and more consider “quality of life” when making employment and family decisions. Recent events highlight the importance of water quality and availability. There is a growing lack of understanding that a healthy natural environment is just good business. The list goes on and on …

Speakers include Bill McCoy from Patoka National Wildlife Refuge with welcoming remarks. Steven and Nancy Byers from the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin will discuss “Creating an Effective Coalition”. A fascinating grassroots story of what can be accomplished.

INCA’s Conservation Congress is an opportunity of stakeholders across Indiana to focus on the future of our natural resources and wildlife conservation. Your input is needed and valued. Space is limited, CLICK HERE, to register for the Congress now.