INCA 2.0 Announced at All-member Meeting

November 22nd twenty-seven members attended the INCA All-member meeting in Indianapolis at The Nature Conservancy’s office.  Highlights of the meeting were presentations by State Representative Tim Brown, Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee of Indiana State Legislature, and Dan Schmidt, Governor’s Policy Director for Energy and Environment.  Both presentations were excellent and an active question and answer period followed into the lunch hour.

INCA updates and the results of this summer’s Strategic Planning Session were shared with the attendees by members of the Steering Committee. Improved communications and engagement, with grassroots members and legislators, were highlighted as the thrust of “INCA 2.0”.

Additionally Conservation Days at the Statehouse for 2014 and the future were discussed. Conservation Day for this session of the legislature will be Tuesday, January 28th.  Contact your legislator to let s/he know you are coming. Click-here to register.


INCA Announces New Web Site

November 8, 2013
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana Conservation Alliance, INCA, is proud to announce its new web presence at — .

INCA’s mission is to provide “a unified voice advocating for natural resource funding“. Additionally INCA, through its website, Twitter and Facebook accounts will provide grassroots education in the legislative process as well as up to date analysis and status of legislation affecting Indiana’s natural resources and environment in general.