Senate Bill 404 – Canned Hunting

The bill was defeated, or more properly, failed to pass by not achieving a constitutional majority of “yes” votes.

The companion House Bill 1154 did not receive a committee hearing. It would appear that the “canned hunting” issue is dead for this session.


Senator Yoder passes on 2nd Reading of Canned Hunting Bill

Today, SB 404 was up for 2nd reading which included the opportunity to amend and to engross (put the bill in final form) and to move the bill to 3rd reading and final vote.

The process will repeat itself on Monday, the final day for 2nd reading.  There is still time to contact your Senator and express your views. SB 404 will come up again on 2nd reading to see if it progresses. The Senate calendar hopes to finish all bills (3rd reading) on Tuesday.

The introduction in Indiana of Chronic Wasting Disease is thought to have come from Pennsylvania (over the interstate highway in a truck). Click here to see why this disease is so difficult to track in the video on our Fact Sheet page.

INCA member Indiana Wildlife Federation shares the following on their website.

Canned Hunting bill SB404 passed the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee with a vote of 6-1.

Update on SB404 – The bill passed the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee with a vote of 6-1.  We thank Sen. Tim Skinner of Terre Haute for taking a stand for wildlife and voting no.  The bill was amended to add a few features that would help reduce the likelihood of captive deer escaping.  That said, this is still a bad bill no matter how you look at it.  The major concerns fall into two categories:  1. Health of the wild deer herd, and 2. Fair chase and hunting ethics.   While the opposition may propose things like double fencing to keep wild deer and captive deer from interacting, there’s no way to dress this up to be fair chase hunting.

Action that you, your friends, family, and affiliate members can take to speak up for wildlifeand stop legalization of high fence shooting/canned hunting:

  1. Contact the people who have the power to address this and make the right decision that canned hunting is not good business for Indiana:
    • Gov. Mike Pence:  317-232-4567
    • Sen. David Long, Senate President Pro Tempore: 317-232-9416,
    • Speaker of the House, Brian Bosma:  317-232-9657,

2. Sign the on line petition to oppose canned hunting in Indiana:

January 28th Editorials from the Journal Gazette:

We need you to call now …

SB 404, “Canned Hunting” or a bill to allow the shooting of deer in a pen (for sport?) with little or no regulation of the operators is back on schedule for a committee hearing and eventual passage by the Senate this week.

Contact your Senator at (800) 382-9467 and tell him you don’t agree with this egregious and unneeded legislation.

Click here for the background on this “sport” and its potential impact on Indiana prepared by IWF.